Oh hello!

And welcome to Up Her Street, my attempt to eat and drink my way down Upper Street over the next five months. This long, illustrious North London road connects Angel and Highbury & Islington stations, via the largest number of places to eat and drink known to man.

There are more boutique cafés, industrial chic bars and independent world food restaurants than you can shake an artisanal bread stick at, and I want to try them all, baby. Why five months? That’s how long I’ll be living on Upper Street. Why attempt this seemingly impossible task? I’m pretty hungry. Why Up Her Street? My brother-in-law came up with that seriously good piece of punning straight off the cuff, whilst reclining in a wicker chair. What a human.

Starting at Angel, I’ll stop off at every establishment that serves food or drink along the way (only those with a legitimate Upper Street address, mind) and hope that by September I’m supping a pint at The Cock next to H&I station.

Best get cracking.

Helen xx

(Journalist by day, Upper Street taster by night. And by day, when it’s the weekend.)

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